How to Manage Finnair Booking and Reservations?

If you need to cancel your ticket due to some certain reason. Finnair cancellations can be made in three ways: online, over the phone, and at the airport. To begin the cancellation process, you must have your flight confirmation number ready to enter or present to the aviation executive. After the Finnair cancellation process is completed, you will be informed of the refund alternatives available to you.


1: Online Finnair Cancellations – if you want to cancel your flight ticket online, you need to visit the official website of Finnair and log-In in to your account or you can skip the process and visit the cancellation page. Fill in all the details and go to Finnair Airline Manage Booking tab. From there you can choose to cancel the ticket.


2: Cancel Your Flight via A Call - you can directly call Finnair airlines on +358 9 818 0800 and ask them to cancel your ticket.


3: Cancel Your Flight Tickets at Airport – you can cancel your ticket at the airport, all you need to do is visit the airport and go to Finnair ATO. You will face a Finnair executive to which you can interact and ask him/her to cancel your ticket.


Can we get the refund of the flight ticket in Finnair?

By completing the refund form, you can request a refund for a Finnair ticket. Please review the terms and restrictions for the ticket type you purchased on your booking confirmation.


If your reservation was made seven days or more before the flight's scheduled departure time, you can cancel it without penalty within 24 hours of making it. However, fees from services and credit cards will not be refunded.


How do I get in touch with Finnair?

You can get in touch with Finnair airlines just by contacting them on their official mail address or phone number and a customer care executive will be assigned to them. They are open from Monday to Friday around 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM whereas telephone services are available only hour 8:30 AM to 9:40 AM


What is baggage’s policy in Finnair?

The amount of luggage you are allowed to bring is determined by the ticket class you are traveling in. 23kg/50lb in economy class and 32kg/70lb in business class. For special luggage, it's 220cm/79 in.


Finnair Plus and One world tier Members

Passengers who own premium, platinum, silver, and gold membership are entitled to an additional bag on the flight. These members can benefit from the convenience of bringing their extra luggage.


Carry-on baggage 

Passengers are allowed to bring their own belongings into the cabin with them. Passengers can even take their coats onboard. The additional bags for carry-on will be transferred to cargo. The amount of carry-on and personal goods you can bring onboard varies depending on your travel class and location.


Carry-on baggage allowance

Passengers in platinum, business, and gold class are free to carry baggage measuring 22inx18inx10in. passengers can carry their personal items in bags up to the size of 16inx12inx6, such as laptop bags, handbags, or backpacks. Other travelers are allowed to bring one carry-on item with a maximum linear size of 126 cm. Passengers are allowed to bring one personal item onto the plane, such as a small laptop bag, small purse, or small backpack with a linear size.

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