What is Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy?

It is very obvious; passengers make mistakes while booking flight tickets and later they worry about the same. If the passenger is having reservations on Alaska Airlines and later if you want to change the name of the traveler because the name of the passenger entered is not correct at all. So, with the help of Alaska Airline Manage Booking tool, passengers are able to find out how to change the name of the passenger on the flight ticket.

Steps to change the name of the passenger on Alaska Airlines?

After booking the flight ticket by entering with the wrong name of the passenger in a hurry is very obvious so there are many ways through which passengers can change the name on Alaska Airlines with the help of just a few clicks. Here is how you can Change Passenger Names on Alaska Airlines.
  1. Only the passengers who have been issued the Alaska Airlines confirmed flight reservation, only then you can change the name.
  2. If you are genuinely correcting the spelling mistake on the Alaska Airlines ticket then you can correct up to two or three characters of the name.
  3. But if you are looking to change the entire name then you can take the permission of the concerned authority and also provide the necessary documents to bring changes in the name.
  4. Passengers can change the name only one time and if you make the changes within 24 hours from the booking then only it will be free of cost.
  5. The passengers of Alaska Airlines who are supposed to fly on the tickets of award or promotional offers can only view the ticket but can’t change it. Passengers can make any type of changes to the flight ticket which is not refundable.
  6. Other changes that the passenger is allowed to make are the date and time of flying and not the route on which the flight is supposed to operate.

How to Change Name & Date on the Alaska Airlines Flight Tickets?

The Process of changing the flight generally haunts passengers' minds. An emergency generally makes changes in the plans of the passengers. The mentioned reference through which passengers can make the change in it.
On the Web Passenger can make the change in the flight date and the time at the website through the Alaska Airlines Manage Booking Option :-
  • Browse for the “Manage my Booking”  on the website
  • Enter the information with the name and the booking reference number or the e-ticket number
  • Browse with the member’s name or enter the PIN or the password if you are a subscriber of the Marco Polo Club
  • Follow  the instructions, to change the travel date because the sudden change is based on whether you need to pay a change fee or not
  • These are all based on the type of ticket you are availed of. But the change fee is entirely based on the type of ticket you are availing

By Phone

  • Connect with the Alaska Airlines customer support to make changes in flight tickets
  • Check for the available booking flight tickets  and time
  • Provide the flight booking reference number
  • If applicable, pay for the change fee. Make the payment through any medium 

What are the Alaska Airlines Name Change Conditions?

The flight tickets are generally re-issued if the passenger’s name is correct, whereas the tickets are re-issued if there is any spelling mistake. Reissuance is not allowed if it with a different name.
The following Name Correction is Acceptable:
  • Shorts names such as Ad to Adams or Vice versa
  • The letters are missing but are they all the same
  • If there is a Maiden to Married name or until the marriage certificate is submitted
  • If the title changes from Mr to Miss or the Mstr to Mist, 
  • The following Name correction is not allowed
  • If the name initially changed from SR to JR, etc
  • If the middle name has changed to the Last name
  • If the different names or surnames are being used.
  • If there is any more the surnames 

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