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Singapore Airlines is a world-class international airline and the flag career airline of Singapore. Singapore Airline is ranked among the top 10 airlines in the world in terms of passengers carried and revenue passenger kilometers. Currently, Singapore Airlines has passengers flights to 137 destinations in 32 countries across the world. The airline has a fleet size of 133 and codesharing arrangements with several airlines such as Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, EgyptAir, etc. You can also book your flight online and offline through Singapore Airlines manage booking & reservation and enjoy a great trip to Singapore.

How To Make Singapore Airlines Manage Booking on Phone?

You can make reservations online quite easily online using the website or mobile app of Singapore Airlines. But if you are not comfortable online you can also make use of the offline option. You can simply call Singapore Airlines reservation number and ask for making reservations. You can follow the below steps for that:

  1. Call the reservation number from your phone.

  2. Now you will listen to an automated voice response from the other end. You will get instructions as to which key to press for different requirements. You can press a key as per your requirement.

  3. Now you can choose to enter your travel plan or choose to talk to a representative on the phone. If you want to talk to a representative you will be connected immediately or after a while as all representatives may be busy at that time.

  4. Once connected you can tell your travel plan and then you will be suggested flight options. You can choose a flight and proceed with a flight reservation.

This is how you can use the phone line option to make reservations on Singapore Airlines.

How to Cancel Singapore Airlines Flights Online?

Well, no one wants to cancel a flight in the first place because flight cancellation may be a nightmare if you don't cancel within the time offered by the airline. For this, it is absolutely necessary that you read the cancellation policy and refund policy of Singapore Airlines. You can cancel online and offline. You can use Singapore Airlines manage booking option to cancel your flight online but make sure you cancel your flight within 24 hours of initial booking to get a full refund irrespective of the fare class of your booking. You can follow the below steps for canceling your flight online.

  1. Use a device such as a laptop or a smartphone and open a web browser first.

  2. After that you need to open the official website of Singapore Airlines.

  3. On the home page you will see the "Manage to book" tab in the middle. You need to click on the tab.

  4. Now you will see two options. The first is "Booking reference" and the second is "E-ticket number". If you choose "Reference number" you need to enter a Six-character booking reference and Last/Family name (as in passport) and if you choose "E-ticket number" you need to enter a 13-digit e-ticket number and Last/Family name (As in passport).

  5. After this you need to click on the "Manage booking" button.

  6. Now you will see your flight bookings. You can choose the one you want to cancel, sight the reason for cancellation, and proceed.

If any cancellation fee is applicable you will see the amount on your screen. Now you can confirm the cancellation. This is how you can use Singapore Airlines manage booking option to cancel your flight.

Singapore Airlines Cancellations Number

You can also use the offline option to cancel your flight. There is one point to be noted that if you cancel your flight online you can save a little more towards the cancellation fee (if applicable). You can call Singapore Airlines cancellation number and talk to a representative on phone. You need to inform the reason for cancellation and then he/she will proceed with the cancellation. You will be informed about any cancellation fee if charged and then cancellation will be done as per your instruction.

Singapore Airlines Manage Booking Number

If you want to book a flight ticket on phone you can call Singapore Airlines booking number. This is quite an easy process and takes a few minutes only.

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