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Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

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Do you want to fly with your pet on an Alaska Airlines Flight? Carry your beloved pet with yourself on Alaska Airlines Flight. Pets are allowed on Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines is a major airline headquartered in Sea-Tac, Washington within Seattle metropolitan area. It is the sixth-largest airline in North America. Book your Alaska Airlines ticket today and fly with your pet.

How many pets allow on Alaska Airlines Pet Policy?

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy mostly allows small domesticated pets, other pets may need approval. Pets that can travel in climate-controlled baggage and cargo compartments are cats, dogs, non-poisonous reptiles, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, household birds, pot-bellied pigs, and tropical fish. Alaska Airlines is also in partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital to provide a pet with special discounts while preparing for take-off.

Only 1pet to/from Hawaii is allowed to travel in Alaska Airlines flight because of its unique status as the only rabies-free state so there’s a traditional arrangement for travel.

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy: Pets in Cabin

  • Each way fee for a pet in a cabin is around $100.
  • A Passenger can travel with a maximum of 2pets in the cabin when the passenger purchased the adjacent seat as well.
  • In Passengers cabins only cats, dogs, and household birds are allowed and these pets must be 8weeks old.
  • Two pets of the same species can travel in a single carrier only if the animals are not stressed and the pet will remain in the carrier for the whole journey.
  • The pets should be small enough to fit under the seat during take-off and landing
  • In-Cabin the carrier for the pet may be hard-sided or soft-sided and the dimension of the hard-sided carrier may not exceed 17×11×7.5 inches and the soft side carrier dimension is 17×11×9.5 inches.

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy: Pets in Cargo

  • Each way fee for the pet in cargo is around $100.
  • One dog and cat of 8weeks to 6months in the same kennel.
  • Animals must be harmless and not offensive at all that they don’t require more attention.

For pets traveling in Alaska Airlines, you may contact the Alaska Airlines Reservation Number +1-844 868 8303.

Please review the following information to travel with your pet comfortably on Alaska Airlines Flight:

  • Trained Animals can travel for free in Alaska Airlines
  • The size of an animal shouldn’t be more than they reach to foot area of the guest’s seat.
  • Contact the Airline in advance to let them know that you are traveling with a service animal.
  • Keep the list of animal relief areas at the airport
  • Animals must be seated under the guest’s seat on the floor.
  • The animal should behave well at the airport and flight.
  • It is advised not to overwater and overfeed your pet on the day of travel.
  • Guests traveling with pets are not allowed to sit in the Emergency exit row for safety reasons.

Alaska Airlines do everything for its pet traveling with pets to let them seat in a row with the most legroom within the class of your choice. To save your pet from leg traffic it is advised to choose a window seat 

There will be an additional fee for Passengers traveling with 3 or more pets an additional fee of $150. customs officers will direct you to the Cargo area if you are traveling with 3 or more than 3pet.

Pets on International travel of Alaska Airlines

The only service animal on Alaska Airlines is the dog if you are traveling to or from a Non-US location. Passengers moving outside the U.S with their pets are asked to contact the airlines 4weeks before their flight departure. 

Animals’ behavior on Alaska Airlines Flight

Your pet will be subjected to Alaska Airlines Pet Policy if your service animal is engaged in disruptive behavior.

  • Barking excessively and not in control of the owner.
  • Behaves aggressively towards the other guests
  • Wandering and moving freely all around
  • Jumping on employees and guests

How Alaska Airline is best to fly with a pet?

The best airline to fly with the pet is Alaska Airlines. The Pet Policy of Alaska Airlines is more flexible and has the lowest fee.

How can I add a pet to Alaska Airlines Flight Booking?

Contact Alaska Airlines 48 hours before your flight departure. With official order check-in at the ticket counter. Complete your checklist and provide a health certificate. You can also contact FlightinfoDesk or can contact Alaska Airlines Reservation Number.

Do Alaska Airlines is strict about pet carrier size?

You can’t carry a larger pet heavier than 150lbs to Mexico on Alaska Airlines. You may have to visit other airlines for such big animals.

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