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Delta is one of the major Airlines of the United States and a legacy carrier. The company headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta Airline is considered a leader in Domestic and International travel and offers flights to 300 destinations and is working in 60 countries.

Enjoyment means nothing without a pet. Those who have booked a Delta Airline Ticket needs to know about Delta Airlines Pet Policy. You have to know that Delta Airlines provides pet service on a first-come and first-serve basis. Due to limitation incapacity, only 2pets allowed for each First class and Business class and in Main, Cabin 4pets is allowed. It’s important to know about the Delta Airline Pet Policy and needs to prepare according to that.

Criteria for carrying Pets

According to Delta Airlines Pet Policy, Pets like small dogs, cats and household birds are allowed to travel in Cabin with a one-way fee collected at Check-In. The size of these pets should be such that they can fit in the small pet carrier and should fit under the seat and be placed in front of you. Delta Airlines Pet Policy on domestic travel, your travel must be of 10weeks old.

In-cabin travel, Passengers are allowed to carry one pet for each carrier using Delta Airline Pet Policy. If a female dog or cat has a baby of age 10weeks and 6months old can travel in the same carrier with her mother in a flight that’s flying across the domestic USA border. There’s no limitation on the number of animals in a litter. The size limit of the carrier is 21×15×16inches and the carrier can be hard or soft.

Through Delta Airlines Pet Policy animals that can’t fit in a cabin because of their large size are carried without their owner and are shipped using Cargo.

Carrier Size and Dimension of Delta Airlines Pet

Pets travelling in Cabin

The size of your pet will depend upon the type of flight. You may call the Airline or travel booking agency to know about the size of the carrier or you can purchase the Delta Approved Pet Carrier from Airport.

Pets in Cargo

Pets in cargo can be of any size as long as the pet can sit and stand comfortably.

Delta Airline Pet Policy rule on International Travel

There’s a strict Delta Airlines Pet Policy rule for those who wanted to carry their pet on International Travel of Delta Airlines. You must make arrangements in advance and you should note that Delta and Delta Cargo don’t accept warm-blooded animals on a flight to travel for more than 12hours. Do this before your travel,

  • You need to contact the embassy or consulate of the destination country to know pet travel regulations.
  • Prepare all documents regarding your pet travel (Health Certificate)

If your pet is big enough and your pet isn’t allowed to travel in a Cabin to your destination then book your ticket through Delta Cargo.

Carrier Guidelines for Delta Airlines Pet

Your pet must be kept in a soft and hard-sided carrier and it must be escape free. Your pet will remain in a carrier in the airport onboarding area, at the time of onboarding and on the whole journey of using Delta Airlines pet policy.

Can I put my dog in my lap in Delta Airline Flight?

Due to safety reasons, pets are not allowed to be kept outside the container. So you can’t put your dog in your lap in Delta Airlines Flight.

What’s the fee to fly a pet Internationally on Delta Airlines?
The fee to fly a Pet Internationally on Delta Airlines ranges from $75-$200.Flying pet internationally using Delta Airlines Pet Policy may vary according to flight route.

Do Delta Airlines allow Emotional Service Animal?

Delta Airlines Pet Policy does not recognize emotional support animals as service animals. That’s why Delta Airline not allowing Emotional Service Animal.

Can I contact Delta Airline to carry my pet on Delta Airline Flight?

Yes, you can contact Delta Airline for Pet service by calling at customer support number 

800-221-1212.You can also talk to them about pet service using the chat service provided by Delta Airlines. You can also ask them about the pet policy of Delta Airline and which animal you can carry with you.

How can I add my Pet to my Delta Airline Flight?

Booking of a pet can be done by calling Delta Airline by following Delta Airlines Pet Policy. Booking with Delta Cargo must be made 14 days before your departure.

Is Delta Cargo shipping safe for Pet?

Yes, Delta Cargo Shipping is safe for the pet, You can easily book a ticket for your pet with the Delta Airline Pet Policy and your pet will reach to destination safely.

How can I book a Delta Airline flight for my Pet?

You can book a Delta Airlines flight by calling Delta Airlines. You can Visit and can book for your pet according to the Pet Policy of Delta Airlines. You can easily keep your small animals with you on your flight to Delta Airlines.

You can also visit your Delta Airline Flight Booking and for any issue regarding travel of your Pet you may contact us by calling at +1-844-868-8303 and writing to our email:

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