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Pets are treated as family members these days and people don’t want to travel without their pets. Everyone is very curious about pets whether the pets are allowed or not? How can people travel without traveling with pets? Here you will get all the needed information related to Southwest Airlines pet policy. You can travel with your pet on Southwest airlines flights. Here’s information regarding Southwest airlines Pet Policy.

Does Southwest Airlines Pet Policy Allow Dogs and Cats?

As per the Southwest Airlines pet policy, all small vaccinated domestic cats and dogs are allowed to travel with you in your cabin. The pets should be kept under the seat in front of you. As per Southwest Airlines pet policy, you can carry your pet in an appropriate carrier. According to International flight rules and restrictions you can’t travel with your pets in the cabin because they don’t allow pets on international flights in the cabin.

If you want to travel with your pet then you should keep a few things in your mind. Firstly, it's good to book for your pet in advance before the capacity gets full. Southwest Airlines allows six pets per flight and each customer can carry only one pet on their flight Southwest Airlines pet policy. There may be a situation in which Southwest airlines allows more than six animals per scheduled flight.

There are chances of check-in of your pet at the airport counter, so passengers are advised to secure their boarding pass online. According to Southwest Airlines pet policy, disruptive behavioral pets are not allowed on their flight. Here are some examples of disruptive behavior of animals:

  • Excessive whining or barking, Scratching
  • Lunging, Growling and biting
  • Defecating or Urinating in the cabin gate area

Reservation For Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

  • Customers traveling with pets may have to pay $95 each way per pet. according to Southwest Airlines pet policy.
  • You can book for your pet by visiting the official website of Southwest Airlines or by calling one of the representatives of Southwest airlines. 
  • Pets on US Domestic flights: You can make a reservation for your pet by calling in advance. Customers must bring their pet to an approved pet carrier at the airport on the day of travel. You may proceed to the airport ticket counter to check in your pet and pay the pet fare before reaching your departure gate.

In-Cabin Pet Carriers

You may get your official Southwest Airlines branded pet carrier for around $58(Including taxes) at any ticket counter of Southwest or by making the reservation online. Pets carriers are not refundable. 

Pet Carrier Specs

  • As per Southwest Airlines pet policy, the accepted pet carrier dimension is 17” ×9.5” ×10”.
  • Both soft-sided and hard-sided carriers are accepted and designed well.
  • Your pet carrier must be leakproof and ventilated well.
  • The size of the pet carrier should be small enough to fit under your front seat.

Requirements for the Southwest Airlines pet Policy

According to Southwest Airlines pet policy, the animals kept in a carrier must be of the same species whether it either be a cat or a dog. Southwest Airlines pet policy says that your pet must be kept well in the pet carrier and the pet should be able to move inside the carrier with ease. You need to keep your pet in the carrier all time on your trip, while in the gate area, during boarding, if you fail to do so then you will be denied to carry your pet.

Rules & Restrictions for Traveling with Pets

As per Southwest Airlines pet policy, there are certain rules and restrictions on traveling with pets. Following are the restriction you must know before traveling with pets.

  • Pets are not allowed without a passenger of Southwest airlines.
  • Southwest airlines don’t allow the pet to travel with unaccompanied minors.
  • Passengers are not allowed to carry checked bags. They only can carry single bags with pets.
  • Passengers with the pet will not be allowed to occupy an exit row or a seat with no forward under-seat stowage.
  • As per Southwest Airlines pet policy, cats and dogs fewer than 8 weeks old are not allowed to travel on Southwest flights.
  • Animal traveling on Southwest must be harmless, odorless, non-disruptive, and require no attention on the flight.


Frequently Asked Questions About Southwest Airlines Pet Policy.

How much does it cost for a pet to fly on Southwest?
You can check pet fares by visiting the official website of southwest airlines. Here you might pay approx. $95 per pet for each way of travel. To be sure about Southwest Airlines pet policy read carefully all the information on the official website.

Can I buy a seat for my dog on an airplane?
No, you cannot buy a personal seat for your pet. You can carry your pets in a carrier. Southwest Airlines doesn’t allow personal seats for pets.

What size dogs can fly on Southwest?
You can carry a dog if you satisfy this condition. Your carrier dimension should be 17” ×9.5” ×10” and your pet must be comfortable stay under the carrier.

Do I have to make a reservation for my pet on Southwest airlines?
Yes, you need to make a reservation for your pet on Southwest airlines. You may call FlightInfoDesk for a reservation of your pet on a Southwest flight by calling at Telephone: +1-844-868-8303.

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