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Spirit Airlines Pet Policy allows small pets like cats, dogs, and small household birds for transportation in the customer cabin with a service fee. Spirit Airlines don’t transport Pet in Cargo. Pay at the time of reservation to reserve the space in flight for your pet. Exotic pets like reptiles, spiders, and rodents are not accepted on Spirit Airlines. Only trained service animals are accepted on International Flights.

Transport Rules as per the Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

  • Pet should be kept in a container that is ventilated.
  • You can’t take out your pet its carrier during the flight.
  • Pet’s travel container is considered a carry-on baggage item there’s the charge of it.
  • Pets on Spirit Airlines must be clean, inoffensive, harmless.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy for Domestic Airlines: Pets in Cabin

  • Spirit Airlines' pet policy allows pets must be older than 8weeks.
  • Pets are not ill or physically distressed.
  • In one carry a maximum of 2animals is allowed provided they can both of the pets can stand, sit and turn around in the carrier.
  • In Spirit Airline's maximum container size is 18” ×14” ×9”.
  • Depending on International Destination you may require some documents related to your pet and Spirit Airlines Pet Policy allows Guide Dogs regardless of their weight and size.
  • The maximum permissible pet’s weight is 40lb


  • Passengers traveling with a pet will not be provided with a front-row seat and emergency exit.
  • During your flight avoid feeding your pet.

Pet Carrier Guidelines

The inspection of the carrier of pet should be done well and approved by Spirit Airlines and can fit underneath the seat in front of guests traveling with an animal. The only soft container is allowed in the cabin and it shouldn’t be like that the pet’s head remains outside the container.

Animal Seating Requirement of Spirit Airlines

Animals must be kept under the seat in front of you. Animals in the carriers are allowed to sit wherever they want except the emergency exit row. Animals are allowed to sit in passengers' laps if the pet is not bigger than a lap child. If you are keeping your pet in your lap, you can’t sit with inflatable seatbelts as it might be unsafe for the pet. You can’t keep your pet on the seat but you can keep your pet on the floor. Animal on the floor can’t be placed on the legroom of other passengers.

Spirit Airlines Pet Fee and Number of Pets

On Spirit Airlines One Container per passenger is allowed with a maximum of two pets. It costs $110 per container each way and maximum 4pets in a flight is allowed.


Passengers traveling with their pet need to Check-in at the ticket counter, Carbide or Self Service isn’t allowed.

How to travel with Trained Service Animal (Dog) on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines has updated its pet policy in contact with the U.S Department of Transportation. As per the new and updated Spirit Airlines, Pet Policy only trained service animals (Dogs) and also include psychiatric service animals. A Passenger with a disability can travels with up to 2 trained service dogs in the cabin free of charge. You can book a ticket for your pet by visiting

Is Spirit Airlines strict with Pet carriers?

Spirit Airlines don’t transport pets in Cargo anytime. The animal and carrier combined weight can't be more than 40lbs.

How can I add a pet to my Spirit Airlines Flight?

You can add a pet to your Spirit Airlines Flight by calling on Telephone:855-728-3555. You can contact this Spirit Airlines Reservation Number and can travel with your pet.

You can also contact FlightinfoDesk for your pet reservation on the flight by calling on Telephone: +1-844-868-8303.

Do Spirit Airlines accept pets on International Flights?

Pets other than a trained service animal aren’t accepted on the International Flight of Spirit Airlines.

Do Spirit Airlines allow Emotional Support Animals?

On Spirit Airlines Emotional Support animals, Psychiatric Support animals, and General pets all are allowed. You will have documentation for your pet from a medical professional.

The documents required by Spirit Airlines are:

  • Mental Health Professional Form
  • Veterinary Health Form
  • Passenger Acknowledgement Form

You can easily download these forms from the bottom of the Spirit Airlines Policy page. These forms should be filled and summited 48hours before flight departure.

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